Photographer Kilian Schönberger created Brothers Grimm Homeland

German photographer Kilian Schönberger recently has presented his new project called “Brothers Grimm’s Homeland”, where author mixed photography with illustration. Big trees, dark homes and moody environment - these are the key elements that connected these photos with legendary Brother Grimm even more. Love it!

"An Immaculate Tale" by Tim Walker for Casa Vogue (October 2010)


avatar korra


mytlology meme → [1/2] mythological objects  » aphrodite’s sea shell 


mytlology meme → [2/2] mythological objects » the armor of Achilles

"He made on it the great strength of the Ocean River which ran around the uttermost rim of the shield’s strong structure."

And ever since you were a little girl, you’ve excelled at the physical side of bending and completely ignored the spiritual side. The Avatar must master both.

i have my first final tomorrow, for french.

i’m probably gonna die.

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